15 things I am good at….

Often it is useful to stand back and think about the things you ARE good at.  Mental health problems such as depression sometimes mean we only think about the things we aren’t good at and the mistake we make.

So, I challenge you all to make a list of 15 things you are good at.

  1. I am a fast learner
  2. I am caring
  3. I am a good parent
  4. I am a good cook
  5. I can talk to people
  6. I can ask for help
  7. I can be open minded
  8. I can paint
  9. I can help other people
  10. I am a good teacher
  11. I am an avid reader
  12. I am good at trying new things
  13. I can make people feel welcome and at ease
  14. I am a good listener
  15. I am good at being me!

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