Are you lonely?

Do you look at your phone in the hope someone has made contact?

Do you think about contacting old friends but then have second thoughts as they’ve all got on with their lives but you haven’t?

Do you spend all day on your own and never actually speak any words to anyone?

Do you find yourself spending more time on-line in an attempt to connect with people?

Do you feel inadequate?

Do you seem to lose friends as quickly as you make them?

Do you sometimes pretend to be somebody else to attract new people?

Do you feel like the whole world is happening without you?

Do you wish people would realise the pain of loneliness and it isn’t as simple as just meeting new people?

Do you long for someone, anyone, to confide in and spend time with?

Well….sometimes we ALL DO.  So if you answered yes to any of the above then please get in touch!

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