My Bucket List

I don’t know how I’ve got to the age of 36 without making one of these!

So here goes, in no particular order, and I’ll probably come back and keep adding to it…..

  1. Visit California
  2. Visit South America
  3. Go back to Australia
  4. Run a successful business
  5. Become fluent in French
  6. Be able to run 10k without stopping
  7. Own a cat
  8. Write a book
  9. Watch all the movies on IMDB top 250 movies
  10. Overcome my phobia of snakes
  11. Become a full time vegan
  12. Do a colour run
  13. Go to a football world cup
  14. Watch Manchester United in a cup final
  15. Be debt free
  16. Become an early riser – get out of bed early regularly


What is on your bucket list?  I’d love to hear, either leave me a comment or tweet me on @lilacdragon18

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  1. ashleyleia says:

    I’ll be ticking an item off my bucket list by going to Italy this fall.

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    1. Awesome – whereabouts in Italy are you going to visit?

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      1. ashleyleia says:

        Rome, Florence, and Venice.

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      2. Nice! You’ll have an amazing time 🙂


    2. Johnzelle says:

      Positano, Italy is gorgeous. At least based on the photos I’ve seen

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  2. Johnzelle says:

    Great post. I can relate with the wanting to open a business and being debt free. Running a 10k is definitely doable, it just takes some patience and training

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    1. Yes, I actually ran the London marathon once so I know I’m fit enough just haven’t run for a while and would like to be able to run 10K without stopping, I think even in the marathon I walked every couple of miles!

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      1. Johnzelle says:

        That’s impressive! I’ve never run a marathon. I think the most I’ve done is a 10k

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      2. This is a long time ago now!

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