Review – 360 Living Book


I recently read ‘360 Living – Practical Guidance for a Balanced Life‘ which instantly appealed to me as having bipolar means I constantly crave any sense of balance!

I read the entire book once through in a couple of settings.  It is written in straight-forward jargon free language but with enough references in there to keep the scientist in me happy.

It’s not written as a straight forward self-help book, it’s more of a workbook to be honest.  This book isn’t going to tell you the answers to all your problems, it is going to guide and empower you to find solutions for yourself.  Which to be honest is my kind of book, I’m not one for a preachy style book as I’m stubborn and don’t like being told what to do!

What I did really like about this book is the characterisation of people into 4 types of happiness-seeking profiles which they call:

Image credit: 360 Living – Jacquelyn Salvador
 and Yvon Dalat

After reading the descriptions and reflecting on them I fall into both Docked Ship and Supernova, which is characteristic of bipolar disorder I believe.  I’m a ‘Supernova’ in that sometimes when hypomanic I take too much on, start lots of projects and risk burn-out but then at other times I’m a ‘Docked Ship’ in that I isolate myself and never feel fully satisfied.

Helpfully the chapter which follow on things like food, exercise, emotions, life fulfilment, social connections are labelled as to which of the groups they are particularly apt for.  Although, not wanting to miss out I read all the sections anyway!

I gained a lot from this book and it is definitely one of those I’ll keep dipping back into as in each chapter there are lots of suggestions as to things to try but done in a very life-coaching rather than stern mother kind of way.

I’d say if anything my only criticism is I’d like it to have gone even further in each chapter but then it may have become the style I don’t like so maybe I’m just being picky!

Thoroughly recommend getting a copy, for the suggestions in each chapter alone, there was lots of things in there I hadn’t immediately thought of.

I’ll give it 4 1/2 stars 🙂

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  1. ashleyleia says:

    Sounds very interesting.

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  2. Johnzelle says:

    Great review. I’ll have to check this out!

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